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Nyla Reed Interviewed for Authority Magazine’s HR in the Boardroom Series

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“As an organization looks to the future, giving HR a seat at the table enables alignment and the ability to proactively develop, acquire, or otherwise build the skills needed to ensure the company has the resources required to achieve its objectives. With a perspective that reaches across the organization, HR can also drive workplace culture and shape employee experience to support an organization’s goals.”

Educe Founding Partner, Nyla Reed was recently interviewed for Authority Magazine’s new series, HR in the Boardroom: Why and How HR Should Help Drive Company Decisions.

Nyla addressed topics such as ‘why it is important for HR leaders to help drive company decisions, how HR professionals can ensure they’re involved in strategic planning processes, and what companies can hope to gain by having HR in the boardroom’. In addition, she shared her top 5 ways that HR can help drive company decisions, which included:

  • Providing data that helps decision-making
  • Identifying areas of opportunity
  • Making recommendations in the context of the bottom line
  • Demonstrating the impact of employee experience on future growth
  • Advocating for change and transformation

Read the full article on the Authority Magazine website.

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