Microapps are small software applications embedded in or adjacent to platforms, like an LMS, that extend its core capabilities to meet a specific need. They achieve one of the following objectives:

Simplify a complex process unique to your business

Eliminate a manual workaround

Improve the user experience of your platform

Address a unique requirement

Our Microapp Products

Functional Area
Core Platform

Elsevier Checklist Integration Connector

The Elsevier Checklist Integration Connector automates ongoing checklist updates by Elsevier into Cornerstone SBX. The microapp ensures checklists within Elsevier’s training
packages are always up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual intervention by administrators and ensuring learners are certified using the most current checklist available.

Talent Card

During the calibration cycle, managers use the Talent Card microapp to review the performance and skills of their team with their HR partners. The performance and skills data from Cornerstone SBX combined with additional information stored outside of Cornerstone SBX help identify growth, promotion, and developmental goals for employees.

Calibration Card

The Calibration Card microapp enables administrators and managers to assess their direct reports side-by-side based on performance and potentially during talent calibration sessions.

Distributed User Admin App

The Distributed User Admin App (DUAA) provides a platform for customers to create and manage employee accounts across multiple franchises or locations, and sync them to the learning platform.

Compliance Profiler

The Compliance Profiler microapp minimizes the administrative burden of managing compliance-driven training. Individual learners answer key questions about their job responsibilities and through a rules based workflow, required compliance training assignments are created.

Dynamic Homepage

The Dynamic Homepage microapp creates a tile driven landing page that displays content based on user attributes and ties directly to specific job functions, learning maps, and company news.

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