Optimization & Extension

Your business doesn’t stay the same and neither should your talent technology. Our optimization and extension services help you manage change as business priorities evolve.

Actively respond to changing business needs and new initiatives as they arise.

Plan for ongoing enhancement

A sure sign that your talent technology implementation has been successful is an uptick in requests for more—more functionality, more reporting, more users on the system, more integrations. Each of these requests needs to be evaluated, researched, prioritized, and for those that make it through the process, implemented. Our team can help you prepare for ongoing system optimization and assist with deploying the functional and technical enhancements your evolving business demands.

Platform Adoption Analysis

A Checkup for Your Existing Talent Technology

Have your business needs evolved since your original implementation? Our Adoption Check-up can help you identify areas for improvement.

Enhancement Analysis and Deployment

Maintaining a Growing Enhancement Request Log?

Our team can help you develop a customized, prioritized plan, determine options, deploy the solutions, and get your talent technology to the desired state.


Small, But Mighty

Explore the possibilities for extending the core capabilities of your talent technology.

We're here to support you when your organization demands more.

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