Platform Adoption Analysis

Business changes fast, making it difficult for systems to keep up. Our team can help you keep your talent platform software adoption at the forefront.

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Accelerate Your Talent Platform Software Adoption

While most organizations understand that it’s important to consistently update and improve deployed talent technology, these activities are often deprioritized due to competing demands and limited solution options. If your needs have evolved since your original implementation, or you are reconsidering earlier decisions, a Platform Adoption Check-up can help identify potential areas for improvement. In a matter of just four weeks, an Educe consultant can lead you through the software adoption check-up process, resulting in an action plan specifically tailored to meet your business’ priorities.

Platform Adoption Check-up Process


Gather information on required outcomes and processes


Evaluate your current configurations and data model


Present the analysis and findings


Deliver an action plan that meets your business goals

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