Release Management

Keeping up with the new capabilities in every release can be overwhelming. Our software release management services ensure you stay up to date.

Your software is constantly evolving and improving, but can you say the same about your deployment?

Maximize your investment

Your talent software subscription enables you to take advantage of continually improving features and functionality as automatic releases are pushed to your platform. While automatic upgrades may save time and prevent technical headaches, taking a hands-off approach to them means you might be missing new, key features that have been introduced. Or worse, that your stakeholders are surprised by changes linked to a recent release. You need a proactive software release management strategy that ensures you are using your system to its fullest potential and alerts your users to system changes before they happen.

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Release Advisory

Our Release Advisory services are designed to help administrative teams that are already spread thin attending to daily operations, and for organizations seeking expert guidance to understand the impact new updates will have on your deployment. We first assess your current implementation and establish a technical baseline to understand how you use the system as well as any integrations, microapps, or other environmental factors. Our team then works with you to develop a customized adoption timeline, provide personalized demonstrations of the new release in your non-production environment, and document our recommendation for adoption.

Release Adoption

Our Release Adoption offering goes one step further and augments our Release Advisory activities with adoption planning. Release adoption activities include the development of a detailed action plan addressing configuration, testing, and/or communication activities required, and support for the execution of the plan. We assist in configuration and user acceptance testing tasks based on the client’s current testing processes. Testing support can include test script development to verify new functionality, updates to existing test scripts where functionality has changed, and data staging to support testing.

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