Extended Enterprise

Leverage your talent management ecosystem to educate the third-party organizations that significantly impact your success.

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Years Serving

Extend your talent management system to the network of organizations that work with, not for, your company.

Expand Your Sphere of Influence

Your organization is complex, and it is critical that your talent management technology effectively supports your internal employee population. But smart organizations are realizing that it is just as critical to consider external audiences in the evaluation and use of their talent management ecosystem. 

Drive growth for your business

Treating extended enterprise stakeholders like customers and enabling them with consumer-grade, frictionless access to knowledge and opportunities within your ecosystem can dramatically impact the growth of your business.

Engage in a number of ways

We have guided organizations to expand their reach to partners, franchises, vendors, suppliers, distributors, contractors, and consultants in a variety of ways, including: franchise reporting, marketing learning and development courses, and establishing e-commerce.

Industries with Extended Enterprise Networks







The whole project team here wants to thank you guys for being such an outstanding implementation partner for Saba Cloud (SBX)...We have successfully rolled out eLearning across the globe and appreciate your assistance working through integrations with external services like Avalara, Azure, and Stripe to strengthen the Saba Cloud (SBX) solution. We are happy that you continue to support us in sustainment and look forward to a long vendor relationship with Educe.
Jack Church
Project Manager, LivingWorks Education Inc.

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