Well-defined roles, responsibilities, and system controls are key to minimizing issues and confusion during system implementation. This same governance process becomes even more important after go-live.

Create a shared understanding of how different groups will co-exist in a single system.

Benefit from a defined governance strategy

Creating and maintaining a documented governance process aligns ongoing investment and resource decisions with your business strategy, keeps your system optimized, and outlines expectations regarding system direction. A clear governance framework also ensures the right stakeholders are involved in decision-making, at the right time. Let us partner with you to define a governance strategy that fits your organization, while setting you up for system implementation success and your transition into steady state.

Governance Framework

Roles and Responsibilities

Identify team to support deployment and operations

Administrator Model

Outline administrator levels and scope of responsibility

System Controls

Document governance processes to ensure compliance

Change Process

Establish a clear process for system changes

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