Outsourced Solutions

Today, “business as usual” is anything but usual. Our managed technology services help you enable smooth day-to-day operations as well as handle the unexpected.

The work does not end at go-live; partner with Educe to tackle ongoing post-launch demands.

From Operations to Optimization

Leverage Educe’s managed technology services to perform routine operational activities, augment your internal resources during peak times, or complete specific initiatives. We provide full-time and part-time resources to assist with administration, and to perform targeted project work to optimize your existing platform, support adoption, or deliver training. Our Ongoing Access service provides on-demand, flexible support from a consultant for a specified allotment of hours each month.

Release Management

Your talent software subscription provides access to continuously improved and evolved features and functionality. However, keeping up with these new capabilities in each release can be daunting. We offer two services to help you keep current:

  • Release Advisory: Ensure your organization’s readiness to adopt each new release with a personalized release analysis and adoption recommendation.
  • Release Adoption: Augment Release Advisory activities with adoption planning, including development of a detailed action plan including configuration, testing, and/or communication activities required, and support for the execution of the plan.

Outsourced Administration

Embed an experienced Educe resource into your internal team on a full-time or part-time basis to perform managed technology services, including:

  • Performing ongoing administration tasks, such as user account setup and maintenance, assignment of training courses, management of the competency library and models, or updates to job postings
  • Creating, scheduling, and running reports on key metrics
  • Managing system configuration across the talent management system environments
  • Managing user permissions and security role configuration and assignment
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues relating to system functionality
  • Acting as a point of escalation for support issues, which may include interaction with software vendor support services 
  • Assisting in coordination of user acceptance testing when changes are deployed

Optimization & Extension

Optimize your system to address changing business needs and remain responsive to new initiatives. Leverage the following services depending on your situation:

  • Adoption Checkup: Conduct a review of your current system, including an evaluation of configurations and data model, to identify potential areas for improvement and define an action plan for optimization.
  • Enhancement Analysis and Deployment: Assess your current enhancement request log to determine options and deploy the optimal solution. For longer-term process enhancements, develop a plan in alignment with your organizational objectives.

Learning Content Development

Online learning needs to be engaging, effective, and easy to use. We work with you to develop a tailored approach appropriate to your audience, subject matter, and the technical environment where the training will be deployed. Our services include:

  • Development of custom web-based content in collaboration with your subject matter experts
  • Conversion of existing content to integrate with your LMS
  • Modification of existing content for use on mobile devices
  • Integration support to ensure successful launch and tracking of AICC or SCORM compliant content on your LMS

System Training

For adoption to be successful, system users at all levels—administrators, managers, employees, customers—must understand how to use the new platform. We provide several training options to prepare user groups for an upcoming system change:

  • Implementation Readiness Training: Developed for the project team, provides baseline system knowledge at the start of the implementation.
  • Go-Live Readiness Training: Pre-launch training for your administrators, specific to the aspects of the system they will be responsible for managing.
  • End User Materials: Development of job aids, quick reference cards, videos, and other assets tailored to your configuration.
  • Web-Based Training: Development of role-based modules and assessments to confirm understanding of new system and processes.

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