Women’s History Month: Career Advice

This past March, we celebrated Women’s History Month by recognizing women in HR & Talent Management who are an inspiration to their organization. We asked these women to share the best piece of career advice they have ever received.

Here is what they had to say:


“When you have something to say, communicate with confidence and conviction. It’s okay to disagree and voice your opinion. It’s okay to say no to a request that you cannot accommodate, or one that does not make good business sense. But if you are disagreeing explain why, and if you are saying no to a solution be prepared to offer alternatives.”

-Nyla Reed, Founding Partner, Educe Group


“The best piece of career advice I’ve received is “trust your gut”. It seems simple and somewhat intuitive, but to me trusting your gut is not about making impulsive decisions. Trusting your gut means making informed and thoughtful decisions. To be able to make informed and thoughtful decisions you must take the time to keep yourself updated in all aspects of your job and understand how it impacts your organization. In order to recognize what impacts your organization and how, you need to consistently think beyond your role. This piece of advice has helped me tremendously throughout my career.”

-Keisha Channer, Senior Professional Development Operations Manager, Sidley Austin LLP


“Concentrate on your personal brand! In the field of HR, there are many ways that you are connected to internal and external customers. It is important that you build rapport with those you encounter over your career. I make it my priority to focus on my customer service and passion for my role. I want everyone I meet to know how much I enjoy my job! I try to check in with each candidate during the recruiting process. Letting them know that you are listening means so much to those who may be nervous on the other side of the conversation.”

-MacKenzie Wild, Recruiting Specialist, Exact Sciences


“Be a chameleon when working and interacting with people. I utilize this advice every day as I work with a very diverse group of people. I try to understand their perspective and approach and tailor my responses and styles to align with theirs as closely as possible.  It’s a head start in trying to find common ground during a challenging situation and it also helps me have smooth and effective communication on an ongoing basis.”

-Tiffany Appleby, VP, Alliances, North America, Cornerstone OnDemand




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