Lexus Improves User Experience and Expands Access to Certification and Learning Data

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Educe partnered with Lexus to reimagine and redefine their dealer certification program to work seamlessly with the Cornerstone platform.

Lexus Dealer Experience Portal (DEX)

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Lexus Corporation, a division of Toyota, is an automotive company that focuses on inspired design, relentless innovation, and uninhibited performance. And as experience driven as they are from a customer perspective, they are equally dedicated to these same principles when it comes to the learning and development of their employees – primarily managed through Lexus College.


In 2020, Toyota implemented Cornerstone CSX (formerly Cornerstone OnDemand) as its enterprise-wide LMS (Learning Management System). During the initial implementation, it had been decided that the Lexus dealer certification program, built in a highly customized database, would continue to be managed in a separate system. However, Lexus was determined to find a way to use the full features and robust APIs offered by Cornerstone, to move the program into the LMS. They turned to Educe to help them reimagine and redefine their dealer certification program.


As a trusted partner to Lexus, Educe had been providing hands-on support and advisory related to the division’s unique requirements during the initial implementation. Building on the momentum from the launch of the new LMS, it was time to refocus on improving the dealer certification program.

Educe, in partnership with Lexus Corporate and Dealer stakeholders, analyzed the existing certification program to uncover any gaps, challenges, and improvement opportunities. Armed with this information, we designed a new certification program that would fully enable Cornerstone to be used as the system-of-record, allowing Lexus to retire usage of the separate front-end database. The design was then used to develop a Dealer Certification Experience (DEX) portal for Lexus that provides a curated view for dealer associates, allowing them to easily focus on the actions they need to take at any given time. Additionally, DEX provides tools for Corporate and Dealer admins to manage their dealer associates and run critical real-time reports.


Throughout the entire process, Educe has demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and goals, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the program meets our specifications. They have been instrumental in developing the structure of the Certification program as a whole, and we have introduced flexibility and concepts that did not exist in our legacy system.”

Lisa Tilton, Lexus Dealer Education Senior Strategist

Lexus College



One reason the Cornerstone CSX platform was initially chosen was the availability of robust APIs that enable the presentation of data and workflows in a way that meets the expectations of Lexus dealers. Nowhere is that benefit of that more apparent than in the DEX portal. Access to real-time data has been critical. Previously, Lexus users only received certification updates once a month. Now they can manage a true rolling program, focused on continued education.

The administrative ease and available functionality for Program Consultants supporting the associates at each Lexus dealer now drives the success of their learning programs. The user experience is simple, and allows them to adjust and update certifications when needed and enable changes to display in DEX. They also have a better ability to accommodate continued education training outside of core certifications.

Additionally, Lexus College has positioned itself for the future. The DEX portal is an established foundation upon which future enhancements, based on evolving Lexus Corporate and Dealer needs, can be accommodated.


What sets Educe apart is their ability to work collaboratively, and to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner.”

Lisa Tilton, Lexus Dealer Education Senior Strategist

Lexus College

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