Anheuser-Busch Streamlines Administrator Workflow with Microapps

Anheuser Bush Case Study Header Image
Anheuser Bush Case Study Header Image
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After the well-received launch of the new LMS, Anheuser-Busch sought to roll out enhancements that addressed stakeholder feedback on how the system could be even better.

Custom Portlets Simplify Common Wholesaler Tasks



Anheuser-Busch uses their learning management system (LMS) to push required training to their extended enterprise, a nationwide network of wholesalers. These entities, often independent businesses, are in turn responsible for ensuring each of their employees are created in the system and assigned the appropriate training based on their job responsibilities. After the well-received launch of the new LMS, Anheuser-Busch sought to roll out enhancements that addressed stakeholder feedback on how the system could be even better. The focal point became the process for creating new users and the initial assignment of training, a task that required careful data setup yet was often unable to be automated by these small businesses. As most of them do not have dedicated LMS administrators, it was critical that this key process remain quick and easy to complete, freeing up time to focus on other duties.


Anheuser-Busch is a subsidiary brewing company of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest beer producer in the world. Anheuser-Busch has a network of 500+ internal and external wholesalers, all of whom need their employees to be certified and trained on their 100+ global and local products.


Anheuser-Busch needed an easier and smarter process that would provide every administrator a foolproof method for creating new user profiles in a consistent manner, allowing the core Saba Cloud LMS automation capabilities to push out critical regulatory and safety training as well as the company and product information necessary for effective sales.


Working with the experienced Anheuser-Busch University team, Educe designed and developed two custom microapps, prominently placing them on the administrator home page and resulting in a significantly simpler workflow.

Step 1 – Simplify new user creation
Educe implemented the ‘New User Creation’ microapp to streamline the process of adding new users to the system. In general, each new user record requires certain fields to be populated (organization, manager, and location as well as appropriate security profile) and offers additional fields to be used as-needed. The custom portlet is designed to be intelligent, auto-populating every derivable field based on which administrator is using it, and simple, hiding non-essential fields from view. Using the microapp reduces the time to create a user by 80% and minimizes the possibility of errors on data entry that would affect security and reporting.

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Step 2 – Modify the learning assignment feedback
The custom ‘Adhoc Training Assignment’ microapp elevates the assignment of training to a quick, wizard-like workflow. An administrator can identify courses, curricula (i.e., a series of courses) and/or certifications (i.e., a series of courses with an expiring credential) to be assigned with a completion target date via a quick search from the home page. The workflow then seamlessly allows for one or more users to be identified and linked via key criteria and a standard checkbox interface. Simple as that, the bulk-assignment is created with underlying smarts that will also auto-enroll users for requirements where a specific class can be identified (e.g., e-learning).

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Both microapps recognize and enforce Anheuser-Busch’s security model to limit administrator access to only their organization’s data and users. Because Anheuser-Busch’s administrators often will create a new user and then immediately assign training, the two portlets were placed side-by-side on the homepage to facilitate quick and simple task transition, effectively cutting out several layers of menu navigation.


Our experience with the Educe team during the creation of the microapps was great! They did a wonderful job of understanding our business need and offering creative solutions to meet our objectives.”

Andrea Bartold, Manager, Wholesaler Learning & Development




The microapps were successfully deployed in September 2017 and their impact has been felt on many levels. An increasing proportion of the administrators across Anheuser- Busch’s extended enterprise are using the apps and expressing high levels of satisfaction. Administrators report the new processes to be intuitive, efficient, and — as one wholesaler put it — “heavenly.” More strategically, Anheuser-Busch is recognizing that Saba Cloud and the capability of customizing workflow via microapps allows them to foster a new level of engagement and responsiveness with their extended enterprise. Whereas inthe past there were few options to tailor a solution to meet specific needs, now there is a sense that there are unlimited possibilities for the Anheuser-Busch University (ABU) platform and amongst its wholesalers, a renewed confidence that ABU is committed to continuing investment on their behalf.


The new apps to add users and assign training are just what was needed. Thank you!”

Wholesaler LMS users



I used the new home screen functions yesterday for new users and class registration: Heavenly!!!”

Wholesaler LMS users



What’s Next

Educe continues to provide support and work with Anheuser-Busch to roll out ongoing software updates containing improvements and additional features for the microapps.


The end-product has been very well received by the end users and has helped to improve our system adoption and utilization.”

Andrea Bartold, Manager, Wholesaler Learning & Development


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