What Educe Group Employees Are Thankful For

There are many reasons to love the holiday season: the food, the football, the holiday radio tunes beginning on November 1st…. But it’s also an appropriate time to take a moment and reflect upon the good things in our lives that can be easy to take for granted.

This year, we asked Educe Group employees to tell us what they’re thankful for when it comes to their work, colleagues, and clients. Here is what they had to say:

What do you value the most about Educe Group?

    • I value our teamwork the most. It doesn’t matter how much work others may have, everyone is willing to help each other to make everyone successful. -Christina Deleonibus, Associate


    • The people. The focus on success without sacrificing integrity. The family atmosphere. The positivity.  People development. -Kim Le, Controller


    • The supportive family and collegial feel. Everyone truly seems interested in helping one other and propping each other up. -Danny Hsia, Associate


    • My colleagues. I’ve worked with some of them for close to 20 years now, and known others for 30+ years. They are family to me! -Nyla Reed, Founding Partner


    • What I love most about The Educe Group is how much each employee is valued.  The company really does a lot for its employees, from recognizing each other on the weekly leaderboards to awesome benefits like providing health insurance and our semi-annual meetings.  Not only that, but we are given opportunities to grow professionally, advance to take on greater responsibility, and assume leadership roles within our projects.  A company’s success hinges on the success of each individual, and I think Educe’s continued growth is representative of what it does for us.  Thank you! -Victoria Zoccali, Sr. Business Consultant


  • The collaborative culture, which fosters personal growth and learning above all else.
    -Ben Guthrie, Sr. Business Consultant


Why are you thankful for your clients?

    • My clients keep me focused, engaged, challenged, and interested in our work.
      -Audrey Scruggs,  Business Consultant


    • I’m thankful for my clients, as they keep my days interesting. I never have a day where I’m doing the same thing and I find they always find a way to give me a challenge. Each client is unique and has their own processes, which keeps me busy on unique ways to fulfill their needs.
      -Christina Deleonibus, Associate


    • Clients provide us with a continuous opportunity to grow, learn and be challenged.
      -Jaci Nagel, Manager


    • They are the reason that Educe exists! It is humbling to be trusted, and it is rewarding that so many of our clients treat us as part of their team rather than as an outside vendor.
      -Nyla Reed, Founding Partner


    • I am thankful I can keep learning new things from each project.  Since each client has different requirements, I may be using a new version of Saba, helping develop a custom solution, diving deeper into an area of the system, or using functionality in a new way.
      -Victoria Zoccali, Sr. Business Consultant


    • They provide opportunities for professional growth and success -Phineas Lee, Principal


    • I’m grateful to be working with a client that sees the value in a longstanding relationship with Educe, genuinely respects our knowledge and how we go about our work, and is not bashful about wanting to spend down time with us after hours just for fun. -Paul Kim, Associate


  • They challenge me to grow professionally and personally. -Ben Guthrie, Sr. Business Consultant


What’s the most enjoyable moment you had with a client?

    • The most enjoyable moment I have with any client is when I can create a solution that made their work life easier and their face lights up with appreciation. -Christina Kahler, Associate


    • Flying in a four passenger plane over Alaska. -Jaci Nagel, Manager


    • Spending a night out with them for dinner and a baseball game! Nice to see everyone let their hair/bald head down and relax and enjoy one another’s company. -Danny Hsia, Associate


  • One of my friends on the client side got caught up in an epic dance-off for the ages on the Jumbotron during a ballgame at Fenway. I was sitting right next to him; he should have won.
    -Paul Kim, Associate


Educe Group would like to wish our employees, clients, partners, and all of those we’ve been fortune enough to work with, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Why are you thankful? Share your responses in the comments box below.

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