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Rachel Schotz, Senior Consultant

What do you do in your day-to-day role?

The day-to-day of a consultant varies. Currently, I work with one client to help implement their learning platform. My main goal is to showcase all possibilities for the client when it comes to Saba Cloud and provide them the pros/cons and downstream effects of each option so that they can make an informed decision. Each decision gets us a step closer to a strong go-live, so having strong demos and workshops is key. I also put out any fires that may arise in collaboration with other Business and Technical Consultants.

What skills does your current job require? How have you mastered those skills?

At Educe, we emphasize having strong communication, problem-solving, organization, initiative, and interpersonal skills. I don’t think I’ve mastered any of these skills yet, but I’m constantly growing and striving to better myself. I lead calls several times a week for groups of varying sizes from a handful to upwards of 45. I’ve learned to get to know each person at a client organization so that I can best cater my communication style to them. Sometimes clients need hand holding, and sometimes they need you to be direct with them. Learning when each style is appropriate is a large part of my job.

What advice would you give to others working in Educe Group about how to succeed in the organization?

Something I’ve noticed about Educe is that we aren’t competitive internally, which makes for a wonderful working atmosphere. Everyone is extremely supportive and happy to help. Putting in hard work is, of course, important, but asking others for assistance when I am stuck has helped me become extremely successful.

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