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Use Your LMS to Create a Social Workplace

Social media is a part of daily life. Nearly everyone is on at least one social media platform – we use it to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time. To help attract, engage, and retain top talent, workplaces should take training outside of formal e-learning settings and encourage social learning by leveraging their Talent Management System’s social capabilities.

Incorporating a social platform into the workplace can encourage a more informal type of learning and create virtual communities that bring employees and team members closer together.

Giving employees a familiar platform to brainstorm new ideas, ask questions, and connect with coworkers can make a world of difference in the workplace. Modern Talent Management Systems have intuitive and streamlined social platforms with much of the same functionality used and adopted by mainstream social media. Workplaces can incorporate these social capabilities, some of which are listed below, to reinvent their engagement strategy.

  1. Knowledge sharing across teams, groups and entire companies: Leverage the internal expertise you already have to support and augment employee learning. Use social collaboration to give employees a place to share their knowledge and talents.
  2. Liking and commenting on posts: To keep employees engaged in social conversations, encourage them to like and comment on posts.
  3. Follow users and create communities: Have remote workers? Bring the workplace together by creating opportunities for connection and conversation using your Talent Management System to create targeted groups or engage company-wide through your social platform. The ability to have conversations right from your Talent platform brings employee learning and collaboration closer than ever.
  4. Personalized kudos and encouragement from peers: Allowing employees to provide public recognition to their peers not only contributes to a culture of transparency, but it also keeps employees motivated and results driven.
  5. Live video streaming: Hosting a company conference? Take the opportunity to give employees access to stream keynote sessions by sharing them on your Talent platform.

The workplace is constantly evolving to become better and more efficient – leveraging your Talent Management System’s social platform can improve transparency, encourage active communication and feedback among employees, and create opportunities for improvement and growth.

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