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Talent Management Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

The New Year is almost upon us. It’s time to reflect on the past year and start thinking about the technological trends and employee expectations that will impact Talent Management in 2019.

Prediction #1: Microlearning

Microlearning, the delivery of bite-sized, laser-focused content, is becoming increasingly appealing to employees who are looking for targeted information to help them perform a specific task and need that information accessible at that moment. In 2019, microlearning will continue to grow, and organizations will start to use new technologies to create learning lessons, such as interactive infographics and animated videos.

Tip: Microlearning only works when the content is stand-alone. A learner must be able to consume the short piece of content on its own and learn from it (unlike a video series where a learner may need to watch several short videos in a row in order to digest the material). Start by identifying your learners’ needs; from there you can determine the optimal instances to leverage microlearning.

Prediction #2: Candidate Experience

Organizations need to ensure that their recruiting technology is up-to-date and intuitive to attract applicants and keep them interested in the company throughout the hiring process. In 2019, companies will increasingly leverage recruiting software to improve the candidate experience and address issues such as confusing application processes and timeliness of replies.

Tip: Consider building a career page that provides visibility into the application process. Provide interview tips and tricks and include a list of FAQs to help candidates understand what to expect after applying for a position at your company.

Prediction #3: Employer Branding

As recruiting plays an increasingly influential role in the job market, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to market their companies effectively in order to attract the strongest talent. In addition to providing an engaging candidate experience, they need to ensure that all their digital and traditional channels effectively depict their organization’s culture and values in order to attract well-matched talent. And after the hiring process, it is essential that organizations continue promoting a strong employee experience to retain the talent they have worked so hard to hire.

Tip: Use your website and social channels (think LinkedIn, Glassdoor) to humanize your brand. Considering building a career page that showcases the company culture through videos, interview-style conversations with employees and photos from work events.

Prediction #4: Content Curation

Employees are looking to develop the skills that will help their specific career interests, whether that is through company courses, informal content, or exchanges with other employees. Content curation allows organizations to blend third-party content with internally-developed content that emphasizes company-specific information, and then continue to augment that set of learning with related informal content as new resources become available.

Tip: Inventory what already exists between internally created content and licensed third-party learning before making additional purchases. Invest in a content curator–or a team of curators–to take this inventory and create logical groupings that map to the skills that your business wants to develop across the workforce.

Prediction #5: Microapps

Microapps are quite literally small software applications embedded in or adjacent to your talent management system platform. They can take system data and present it differently, integrate data from multiple systems, or enhance a workflow. Moreover, microapps can transform data outside of the system, then bring it back into the system to be leveraged in more powerful ways. As more organizations continue to move to a cloud-based talent management software, the need for microapps will grow to address unique business requirements that cannot be handled by SaaS solutions.

Tip: Microapps can be used to solve an array of different challenges like tracking large group attendance accurately and attaining high rates of learner compliance. Take a look at our Microapps to see how you can enhance your talent platform to meet your transformational talent management goals.

What Talent Management trends do you think will dominate 2019?

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