How to Leverage the Resume Functionality in Cornerstone OnDemand

Kiki Pierce

Kiki Pierce is a Manager at Educe leading Cornerstone OnDemand Learning, Performance, Succession, and Compensation implementations. Kiki has supported…

In our recent “How to Master Your Talent Management” video series, we shared how organizations can leverage Cornerstone OnDemand’s resume functionality to improve succession planning and gain a better understanding of their talent landscape. Below are some key takeaways from the video.

Step 1 – Motivate your employees to keep their resume updated and relevant
Place the ownership of updating resumes on your employees. While some data can be migrated into Cornerstone OnDemand, it often gets outdated quickly as employees take on additional responsibilities and change roles or departments. The quality of your talent searches and succession planning is only as good as the data captured within your user’s resumes. To help motivate your employees to keep their resume updated, incorporate these quick tips:

  • Add a bold graphic and an enticing customized message so your employees understand the ‘why’ for keeping their resume relevant
  • Consider implementing a corporate goal or welcome page announcement to bring employees to their resume on an annual basis
  • Update the naming convention of your tab title to align with your organization. Tab names such as Career Profile or User Profile may resonate better with your organization.

Step 2 – Make sure each resume field has a purpose
Define your resume fields with talent planning top of mind. Consider asking yourself questions like the examples below:

  • What do you need to know about your employee population?
  • Where do you expect to have organizational needs in the future?
  • Will you need to fill internal positions with bilingual resources?

Start small and approachable when determining what fields to include in your resume. This can be overwhelming for users – It is important for your organization to determine what key information is needed and expand as your culture adopts a more fluid, robust resume.

Step 3 – Don’t be afraid of the attribute picklists
Administrators should be strategic when defining attribute lists. Having the right options predefined will have positive downstream impact when it is time for succession or talent planning. Concise, specific attributes allow for accurate reporting and talent searches without administrators having to navigate through user typos and competing naming conventions.

Cornerstone’s Resume functionality is a strong tool, where if utilized proactively, it can help your organization reduce turnover and new hire expenses and increase employee development. Remember to start small, motivate your employees, and key your talent planning in mind throughout your resume design.

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