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How Much Time Should Be Allocated for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)?

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In this edition of “Ask the Expert”, Victoria Zoccali, Associate at Educe, will tackle the following question:

How much time should be allocated for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)?

As with a lot of answers to questions in the Consulting industry, how much time to allocate for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) depends on the client, the type of project or implementation, and the amount of data involved. For a typical mid-size enterprise learning module implementation or LMS migration, UAT should take two weeks of dedicated testing with at least one additional week to accommodate re-testing scenarios where issues were found and then resolved. The key phrase to stress in that sentence is dedicated testing. Test scenarios should be completed uninterrupted, with any issues reported promptly. A successful implementation depends on making sure all issues are caught and addressed before deploying to production and going live with the LMS.

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