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5 Binge Worthy LinkedIn Courses for Talent Management

Over the last year, we have seen an ever-changing landscape of talent environments. From performance implementations to succession rollouts, the pandemic has forced Human Resource Teams to think outside the box. To refine and prepare your organization for success in the Talent Management space, we recommend watching these five binge-worthy LinkedIn courses.

1. Change Management Foundations
Bob McGannon
Before implementing any major change, it is important to familiarize yourself with change management. This course prepares you with skills to help support the change process. It outlines eight change management competencies with relevant topics such as ‘Knowledge Transfer’ and ‘Stakeholder Engagement.’ By distinguishing approaches to change management, you can ensure a smooth implementation for individuals, team members, and stakeholders.

2. Foundations of Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Oliver Schinkten
New to Learning Management Systems (LMS)? No need to fret or fear! This course is a great introduction to the world of LMS. You will learn the benefits of LMS, standard LMS features, as well as who to involve in the implementation process. Additionally, the course explains the basics of creating courses and curating content. This will help you prepare for any upcoming decisions about training or talent needs.

3. Components of Effective Learning
Michael Allen
Unfortunately, the latest eLearning technology is not enough to help employees master concepts. With this course, you will learn how to advance training programs by creating engaging, effective, and memorable content to inspire participants. This course will explain how to use effective mechanisms to help learners grasp concepts in eLearning.

4. Organizational Culture
Sara Canday
To define ratings for employees using specific metrics, such as competencies, your team must know the ins and outs of its company’s culture. By taking this course, you will familiarize yourself with the different types of company cultures that are prevalent today. By successfully defining and attaching traits to your organization, accurate performance metrics will prevail.

5. Performance Management: Setting Goals and Managing Performance
Tod Dewett
Need help defining goals for your employees? Having trouble understanding risks and considerations? Take this course to create a great base for performance management. It will help you determine goals that align with the needs of your organization. Moreover, you will learn the role a manager plays in managing performance. Together, you will feel extremely confident to roll out any new goals or development plans for employees.

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