LMS Implementation Lessons Learned from Moog

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In this post, Educe Group’s client Moog, an American-based designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, defense, industrial and medical devices, discusses their experience updating their Learning Management System (LMS).

From Saba Enterprise to Saba Cloud, Moog has worked with Educe over the years to successfully implement and enhance their LMS. We asked them to share their lessons learned and here’s what they said.

Our first implementation attempt

Back in 2015, Moog embarked on a journey to upgrade our Saba Enterprise platform. Without an adequately sized team for this undertaking, we needed outside support to help us navigate the project. There was a sense of urgency to upgrade our platform because we experienced many technical challenges with the previous LMS, including:

  • Notifications failing to send to employees
  • Courses not running effectively
  • Discrepancies with the recording transcript data


To add to these challenges, our project team faced a lack of resources, a shortage of funds, and an accelerated delivery schedule to have the implementation completed as soon as possible.

Lessons learned from our first implementation

Ultimately, the first project took an incredible amount of effort between the Moog and Educe resources involved but we successfully navigated all the intricacies of installing an on-premise LMS behind the firewall. Our team at Moog knew that if we were ever going to upgrade the LMS again, we would need to justify the importance of proper funding to tackle this kind of project. We were ready to invest in a full solution to address all our needs rather than going the cheaper route to band-aid issues.

Ease of implementation

Fast forward to 2019 and our organization found itself in a very similar position. From a technical perspective, our enterprise version of Saba had been very hard to maintain and manage behind the firewall. The system would go down suddenly without explanation and learners had several issues taking training. We decided to move to an LMS solution where system reliability was infallible, and with a 99% uptime guarantee, Saba Cloud fit the bill.

This time around, our project team found the implementation process to be more seamless. We let Educe guide us through Implementation Readiness Training (IRT) and Business Process Analysis (BPA) sessions prior to the implementation. We found having a dedicated project manager from Educe allowed us to stay focused on the important work streams that needed to be completed.

During the project, we scheduled weekly meetings to keep both teams accountable for deliverables. The constant communication between both teams also provided a level of reassurance that made this project feel significantly less stressful than before. We established a wonderful working relationship with Educe Group and found that we could be candid and transparent with them pertaining to project frustrations.

The experience from this project helped us identify the importance of fully understanding and communicating our internal processes and subsequent requirements. There were instances where we could have saved time and avoided the need for rework if requirements were clarified earlier in the process. That being said, we successfully implemented our LMS and have not had any major issues since!

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