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What Type of Questions Should I Ask Potential Talent Management Vendors?

Welcome to our new “Ask the Expert” video series. We’ll post periodic videos of Educe Consultants addressing Talent Management-related questions. Submit your question to us in the comments box below and we may address your question at a later time.

In this edition of “Ask the Expert”, Brandon Williams, Manager at Educe, will tackle the following question:

What type of questions should I ask potential Talent Management vendors?

A common question we get is “What do I do when selecting a Talent Management vendor once you submit an RFP and receive proposals back?”

You should definitely identify who should be in the room from a stakeholder perspective and what types of needs they might have. Do they use external vendors for content? Do they have instructor-led classes? Do they have virtual classes?

You’ll want to also make sure that the Administrators who will use the system are in the room for the evaluation. Once you have your Talent Management vendors in the room, then you can begin to evaluate beyond where they simply check the box. One thing to look out for is whether or not they use external vendors themselves. It’s common for an implementation partner to take on the work of actually implementing the system, standing it up and bringing all your information in. It’s not as common to have business analytics groups for reporting or other external inputs for that vendor.

Beware of that and any associated costs that are not expressly called out in the proposal.

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