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What Are Some “Gotchas” That Clients Should Expect After They Launch Their System?

We recently sat down with our Educe consultants and asked them to tackle the most pressing Talent Management questions that matter to organizations.

In this edition, Educe consultants answer the following question:

What are some “gotchas” that clients should expect after they launch their system?

Excerpt from video:

Adam Daigneau, Associate, Educe
Some of the things that I’ve witnessed working with other clients is the lack of training. We set up the training and believe that the employees take the training. I would recommend setting up a roll-up plan that would help design and follow through the employee’s training to ensure that they’re ready for this implementation and they’re ready for the new product that’s going live.

Madison Farley, Senior Consultant, Educe
One of the “gotchas” that clients have struggled with in the past after their system goes live is the lack of ownership around their system. It’s critical that you have the people and processes in place to maintain your system once it’s live.

Ben Guthrie, Associate, Educe
You can’t solve for everything during the implementation process. You need to expect the unexpected after you go live and know that there will be issues that come up that you didn’t cover during the project plan. And that’s perfectly okay. You just need to be willing to work with the issues that come up. One suggestion I would have is to hold regularly scheduled, maybe even quarterly, webinars with your employee base to go over the primary issues that they’re facing.

Don Chiurazzi, Associate, Educe
When you launch a learning system, it is a really great time to find out that you have data that is not up to date. Let’s say someone changed jobs in your HR system, maybe a few months ago, and it was never updated. That user will never see the HR system. When you launch that training system and you give out a training based on their old job, you’ll immediately hear about it when they say, “Hey, that’s not my job anymore.” So, you want to really make sure before you go into launching your system, that your data’s in a good place and you’re up to date.

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