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Talent Management

What Are Some Best Practices to Handle Quarterly Releases?

We recently sat down with our Educe consultants and asked them to tackle the most pressing Talent Management questions that matter to organizations.

In this edition, Educe consultants answer the following question:

What are some best practices to handle quarterly releases?

Excerpt from video:

Stacie Grasberger, Manager, Educe
I would recommend that clients get their hands on the materials as soon as they’re available. Also, get to a staging or test environment that allows stakeholders to recognize the change, determine how large it is for their organization, and how they could then train and communicate the changes to the organization. Determine if you can opt-in to the new features or if they are required changes. If you can opt-in to the new features, you have time to introduce the feature/s as an enhancement at your own time and schedule that your organization can handle. Lastly, I would recommend taking any of the training and/or webinars that are available for the release.

Kim Trattner, Associate, Educe
For quarterly releases, I think it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve got someone who owns those releases. Generally, your vendor’s going to give you advance notice of when the release is coming and when it’s going to be available in a non-production environment for you to start exploring. It’s good to explore – Not only to figure out potentially where things could go wrong with the new release and where you need to update configurations but also to identify features that you’ve been waiting for that are available in that release. You’ll want to start planning for turning those features on as soon as possible.

Don Chiurazzi, Associate, Educe
Make sure you review the documentation that comes out. Make sure that you’re looking at any testing that you should accomplish, and consider including any new features that are rolled out. Make sure that those new features are enabled if they are relevant to your business.

Reggie Mallari, Senior Consultant, Educe
You’ll want to identify key stakeholders since they’ll be important to the decision-making process for any changes that are coming up in the release. The second thing is to take advantage of any vendor resources including documentation, webinars, and discussion boards if there are people posting questions or identifying issues that are coming up as a result of the new release. And finally, you will want to do regression testing to make sure that your current processes aren’t being broken by the new changes.

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