Highlights from Cornerstone Convergence Unbound 2020

Last week, thousands of prospective and current customers from across the globe attended Cornerstone OnDemand’s annual event – Convergence Unbound. Although 2020 cancelled or delayed plans for in-person conferences, Cornerstone marched on with a virtual event packed with dozens of insightful sessions and inspiring keynote sessions.

With the recent acquisition of Saba Software, Convergence provided an agenda tailored for both Saba and Cornerstone customers.

New CEO, Phil Saunders, presented his vision for Cornerstone in this new normal. Saunders addressed the key changes they are making and shed light on the areas they plan to focus on in 2020 and beyond.

Here are some themes we captured from Cornerstone Convergence:

1. Focus on customer-centricity
Over the past 90 days, Cornerstone built a Center of Excellence for Global Support and Services led by Karen Williams, a new member of Cornerstone’s executive team. The focus is clear –reimagining all customer-facing processes to create a unified customer experience for customers. They will be working on improving the processes within Cornerstone to make this a reality.

2. Renewed focus on innovation
Cornerstone plans to design beyond siloed talent modules (recruiting, learning, etc.) to address the needs of personalized talent journeys and help customers thrive. To accomplish this, Cornerstone announced they built a dedicated innovation zone with a renewed focus on these key technical areas:

  • Microservices
  • APIS
  • Abstraction Layers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data
  • Meta Data

In addition to these changes, Cornerstone outlined key tenets that will guide how and what they will innovate. These include:

  • Be understood: People perform better when they can bring their whole self to work. When companies and leaders see and understand the whole person, they will be able to tap into the diverse and unique value that each person can bring to the table.
  • Be guided: People need feedback and encouragement to be their best. They need help navigating the uncertainty to find productive, rewarding, and individualized paths forward.
  • Belong: People want their accomplishments, experiences, and strengths to be seen and valued. They want to know that the skills they built will allow them to advance to new stretch projects, roles, and jobs.

3. Reinvestment in global community
Cornerstone is applying their innovative design concept to help the global community. With the Cornerstone Foundation initiative, they ramped up support by gifting their technology, expertise, and services to over 300,000 people worldwide. In the United States, they will be rolling out a new program Always Learning @ Home for employees and customers. The goal of the program is to help support at-home learners by providing them with vetted tutors at a significantly reduced price.

Educe is looking forward to our continued partnership with Cornerstone OnDemand as they implement these exciting new initiatives!

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