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7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Talent Management System (TMS)

Spring is the perfect time to take a step back and look at how you can improve your Talent Management System (TMS) and update the processes that you currently have in place. Whether it is data cleanup or rebranding, we’ve compiled a checklist to help you get a jump start on your TMS spring cleaning. 

1. Identify your Flash content
At the end of 2020, your Flash-based eLearning content will no longer work on any browser. Now is the time to start taking inventory of your course catalog to determine how many of your courses contain SWF files

2. Review your software’s new releases
Most companies have moved to cloud-based talent management suites, and your organization is probably no different. Take the time to review your software’s recent release documentation and identify any new features that are applicable to your organization.

3. Incorporate new branding elements
If you have a performance review cycle or benefits enrollment program coming up, consider creating a banner to promote specific initiatives on your TMS homepage. This will keep your homepage looking fresh and relevant when users log in to your system, and it will drive awareness for your upcoming programs. 

4. Improve navigation
Have employees complained that the TMS is hard to navigate or the click path is too long? Review your organization’s current structure and identify ways to make it easier for people to find documents and other resources that they need in the system. Additionally, check for broken links that need to be modified. 

5. Clean up reports
You may have noticed some of the reports you built in your TMS are either outdated or are being sent to employees who no longer work for the organization. Use this time to evaluate the reports that you currently have and work with stakeholders to decide which reports are still useful and which ones need to be updated or removed. Also, update the individuals who should be receiving each report. 

6. Collect feedback from employees
It’s never too late to collect feedback. Send a survey to your employees or host an informal focus group to collect information on what is working and what needs to be fixed in the system. You can use this feedback to improve the user experience for your users.  

7. De-clutter your content
It’s easy for your TMS to become cluttered as administrators, instructional designers, and in many cases, even employees contribute content. Take the time to assess which content is relevant and which content should be modified or removed from the platform. You may need to work with the appropriate stakeholders before updating any of the content. 

These are just some of the areas that you can focus on as you head into the warmer months of the year. For more tips on refreshing your TMS, check out our Optimization Playbook. 

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