Technology solutions are only as effective as the business strategy behind them. Educe strategy services help you position your talent technology initiatives to quickly address immediate needs and lay the groundwork for long-term impact.

Talent Strategy

Craft a forward-thinking game plan to meet your immediate business requirements and plan for future needs. Engage Educe to:

  • Assess current environment – Identify the organization's existing strengths as well as opportunities for improvement through interviews with stakeholders across the enterprise. 
  • Clarify business needs – Pinpoint your over-arching business objectives and organizational priorities in the short and long term.
  • Develop roadmap – Evaluate available options to formulate the most advantageous course of action with specific milestones and expected outcomes.
Vendor Selection

Identify the vendors and products most suited to meet your business objectives. With an ever-growing array of technologies available, Educe vendor selection services guide you through the evaluation process to:

  • Create a meaningful RFP – Set a comprehensive, consistent baseline for vendors to respond to, including business case demo scenarios.
  • Identify appropriate vendors – Pare down the selection process to vendors matching your short- and long-term vision.
  • Conduct evaluation – Coordinate your RFP and evaluation process and provide an objective assessment of vendor responses
  • Make an informed decision – Facilitate your analysis and decision-making process.

Create a responsive, flexible framework to ensure your initiatives stay on track and aligned with company direction. Educe can help you establish a governance structure to:

  • Ensure continued alignment – Maintain stakeholder engagement, develop executive support and commitment to the strategic direction of the program, and conduct periodic recalibration of talent strategy to remain in concert with company goals.
  • Plan for ongoing activities – Plan for the ongoing costs of maintaining and expanding the capabilities of the chosen platform.
  • Manage issues – Anticipate disruptive issues and elevate them to the appropriate decision makers within the organization.

For organizations implementing talent technologies for the first time, Educe helps establish teams and institute policies and procedures needed to manage systems effectively.


See what is possible. With technology constantly evolving, it is hard to envision what a new system will look like, let alone how it can transform your business processes. Educe prototyping services give you a peek at what could be:

  • Model Critical Processes – View a sampling of your own data to facilitate internal system evaluation.
  • Configure User Interface – Look at your own logo, colors, and where possible, terminology, to get a better sense of whether your requirements are being met.
  • Gain Stakeholder Support – Use your prototype to build and ensure organizational buy-in before a larger investment is made.

What Our Clients Say:

"(Our Educe Consultant) is the first person I turn to for advice regarding anything related to Saba or LMS."

Director, Worldwide Sales Force Effectiveness, Schering-Plough Animal Health